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  • Great job Reuters. You're pushing the envelope again.....
    by Walter (alias Linda Dianne) 3/26/2011 2:34:57 AM

  • I was thinking we might some form of group thing.
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 2:35:04 AM

  • @Canadian & George: Ottawa by any chance? (I'm in Gatineau)
    by Diane 3/26/2011 2:35:36 AM

  • I post on this site sometimes, they are very critical and if you do not have facts and links you will be flamed. It is a good source for info. www.theoildrum.com
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 2:35:49 AM

  • no - Timmins -but the street name is Gatineau Blvd - go figure
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 2:36:06 AM

  • George, can you see how many people are watching this? If so you should update us every so often
    by ids 3/26/2011 2:36:08 AM

  • @ids - 69 - i'll try to figure out how they display that
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 2:36:56 AM

  • @Diane midwest here Hanover/Walkerton area
    by Canadian 3/26/2011 2:36:59 AM

  • Missouri
    by dyan 3/26/2011 2:37:16 AM

  • i am from Bremen, Germany.. i was born in Poland though and moved to Germany in summer 1986 - it was only after the move that i really heard about the accident.. still remember the restrictions on certain foods, especially mushrooms from my former home
    by MH 3/26/2011 2:37:39 AM

  • Scotland :)
    by ElaineK 3/26/2011 2:37:47 AM

  • France here . may be the only one at that hour ? ;-)
    by futureisnow 3/26/2011 2:38:09 AM

  • I`m from Poland.
    by Korwus 3/26/2011 2:38:18 AM

  • Victoria, B.C, Canada
    by JPH 3/26/2011 2:38:43 AM

  • Poland
    by radas 3/26/2011 2:39:08 AM

  • Phoenix, Oregon 7 miles N of Ashland - home of the worlds greatest Shakespeare Festival!
    by Tenzing 3/26/2011 2:44:09 AM

  • No, you're not the only ones on. The group had migrated this afternoon, but since Reuters is back online everyone will keep migrating back. This has been an outstanding site!!
    by Walter (alias Linda Dianne) 3/26/2011 2:44:21 AM

  • @George - not to get cocky with request but - in case you stumble upon it in the docs - maybe you could activate RSS for this.. my mobile browser had weird issues with liveupdate, polling the RSS-feed every 3 minutes worked better though.. really just in case you see it and its a matter of a checkbox, dont make it a hassle :)
    by MH 3/26/2011 2:44:59 AM

  • @MH np - i'll get this figured out soon.... i hope
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 2:45:35 AM

  • there is not much of an update at reuters, somehow it seems it ran flat
    by Hermine 3/26/2011 2:46:26 AM

  • They do have standards for radioactive iodine 131 in seawater. And it is 1250X to high. www3.nhk.or.jp
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 2:46:41 AM

  • what is with other radioactive material? its not only iodine out..
    by Hermine 3/26/2011 2:48:14 AM

  • No mention of the cesium 137 content.
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 2:49:28 AM

  • @anyone with facebook account
    by Becca 3/26/2011 2:49:44 AM

  • I have seen no mention of alpha particle concentrations.
    by Bobby1 3/26/2011 2:50:27 AM

  • I went over to reuters and it seems they have lowed their standards.
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 2:50:47 AM

  • @anyone with facebook access, sorry keep forgetting about return. some of the group went here goo.gl if someone wants to clue them in. Becca
    by Becca 3/26/2011 2:51:37 AM

  • The 8 radioactive contaminants are listed on this Tepco press release: www.tepco.co.jp In addition, there's a NY Times article that mentions cobalt and molybdenum in the released water, with some connection to the seawater used for cooling. So if you are enumerating contaminants, more than 8 have been mentioned specifically.
    by Sky 3/26/2011 2:51:45 AM

  • is it bc cesium would be longer 'around'?
    by Hermine 3/26/2011 2:52:07 AM

  • This is the New York Times article summarizing status on each reactor chronologically, where I saw the mention of cobalt and molybdenum in the water. www.nytimes.com
    by Sky 3/26/2011 2:53:13 AM

  • I'm sorry - my reply was to a question asked on the facebook page - it is SO confusing having multiple places to watch.
    by Sky 3/26/2011 2:56:33 AM

  • thank you for the link
    by Hermine 3/26/2011 2:57:27 AM

  • There is talk on reuters about the particles inthe ocean being diluted but surely cesium and others would still be there it just turns it into a game of Russian roulette as to where they will wash up?
    by ElaineK 3/26/2011 2:59:00 AM

  • People are probably interested in plutonium contamination.
    by Bobby1 3/26/2011 2:59:03 AM

  • @ Sky- Good article, fortuitous error
    by JPH 3/26/2011 2:59:07 AM

  • Hey George and others
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 3:00:35 AM

  • in.reuters.com - picture 6: Tokyo Electric Power Co. workers checking the parameters of instruments in the central control room at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power - with flashlights??
    by Hermine 3/26/2011 3:01:29 AM

  • Hi Sinthia
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 3:01:56 AM

  • @Hermine, those pictures are days old. They have power to most of the control rooms now.
    by Nancy 3/26/2011 3:02:45 AM

  • I need to pick one or two places to be...I guess here and old Reuters?
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 3:02:49 AM

  • Problem with Cesium is it's an alkali metal like Potassium and quite soluable. Not good for the ocean and half-life 30 years.
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 3:02:57 AM

  • We can be as good as reuters with links, etc.
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 3:04:31 AM

  • @ElainK, The dumping of radioactive water in the sea is a component of this accident that Chernobyl can not teach us about.
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 3:05:35 AM

  • Thanks George. This is much better than FB and allows for a free exchange of info.
    by Karen Warren 3/26/2011 3:05:51 AM

  • I guess george wil see what its like to be a moderator.
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 3:06:00 AM

Japan Earthquake | Page 4

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