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  • Cause if they are over flowing, why the constant negative amounts on reports? And where is all that water going since they say its not boiling?
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 3:51:28 AM

  • by Karen Warren 3/26/2011 3:52:23 AM

  • Out to sea. Levels of radioactive materials soaring in sea near nuke plant. english.kyodonews.jp
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 3:52:55 AM

  • Back on my mobile. We do know with near certainty that at least one of the units has a compromised RPV and CV. Otherwise there would not have been the neutron flux measured a few days ago. It is a direct result of fission.
    by Bev 3/26/2011 3:53:08 AM

  • from the JAIF reports "●Function of containing radioactive material inside the containment vessel
    It is presumed that radioactive material inside the reactor vessel would have leaked outside the containment vessel at unit-1 and unit- 3, based on the investigation of the water sampled
    at turbine building.
    ●Cooling the spent fuel pool
    Steam like suibstance rose from the reactor building at unit 1, 2, 3 and 4 is being observed. operation of spraying water to the spent fuel pool is being conducted
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 3:56:03 AM

  • But then the reports from JAIF say "as estimated by JAIF", and their source is from press conferences on NHK, so can we really count this as an accurate source of information?
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 3:58:06 AM

  • @anyone who is just monitoring but may want to make a comment later comment now i'll set your status to auto.
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 3:59:23 AM

  • 'They say' - that's the problem, isn't it?
    by marie rich 3/26/2011 3:59:58 AM

  • On the JAIF report www.jaif.or.jp for the past few days the comment for SFP No. 3 says "Water level low. Seawater spray continue and a certain effect was confirmed." What certain effect? Inquiring minds want to know!
    by Sky 3/26/2011 4:01:04 AM

  • The kinds of elements detected would be different if leaked from the reactor or the spent fuel pools, so that means that the reactors are also damaged and leaking.
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 4:01:10 AM

  • My impression is that they are more interested in keeping the reactors cool and keeping them from leaking, at the expense of the spent fuel.
    by Bobby1 3/26/2011 4:01:45 AM

  • Yes. That is why I repeatedly posted the analysis of what radionucleotides were present and in what concentration. I don't know how to interpret that, but somebody here does.
    by Sky 3/26/2011 4:02:05 AM

  • Thanks for the add, George. Great work !
    by Reed 3/26/2011 4:02:40 AM

  • The only question that I have is what is Plan B?
    by Karen Warren 3/26/2011 4:03:02 AM

  • Well, I've always wondered if those concrete trucks would be serving a dual purpose
    by marie rich 3/26/2011 4:04:03 AM

  • I listened to yokosonews.com , Start fresh water today. Iodine up 3 times more than yesterday. 1200+ times legal limit.
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 4:05:01 AM

  • I'm so glad I found you guys here!
    by Donna Vandevere 3/26/2011 4:05:26 AM

  • @Sky I so totally agree. They're tracking tellurium, why? Not particularly toxic to humans. They said they're going to be testing yhe soil for strontium! I think that could only come from core material.
    by marie rich 3/26/2011 4:05:57 AM

  • Seriously. Rad levels are rising. They can't get near it. Fresh water is better than salt but it's not going to stop "certain effects" from continuing.
    by Karen Warren 3/26/2011 4:06:08 AM

  • In seawater, sorry.
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 4:06:53 AM

  • I was just listening to him just now and he said that the Japanese went to meet with NRC today and told them that they had situation under control, that they were past the critical mark. Not sure who went, if it was government or TEPCO or who.
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 4:07:22 AM

  • @George Include me please, thank you. I can't figure out how to use my Facebook login from the phone. No icon, so I'll just post under this login.
    by Bev 3/26/2011 4:08:51 AM

  • Who did you listen to Sinthia? Sorry, I'm not following.
    by Karen Warren 3/26/2011 4:10:49 AM

  • @Karen, I don't think there is a plan B. I'm not convinced there's a plan A. Did you read those very technical pet's last night on meltdown mitigation in BWR's?
    by Bev 3/26/2011 4:11:40 AM

  • @George Thanks George, very usefull
    by Dedol@ 3/26/2011 4:12:40 AM

  • I can scribble. Who knows what will happen?
    by CaraBnr 3/26/2011 4:12:41 AM

  • yw all
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 4:13:26 AM

  • Rome wasn't built in a day. But George did it :-)
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 4:14:47 AM

  • Katz on YokosoNews...that guy who is translating japanese TV live. yokosonews.com
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 4:14:57 AM

  • We haven't really talked about the political struggle going on between TEPCO and the GoJ. A lot of posturing going on here re: liability. You are right, Bev. Let's face it. They are making it up on the fly, agencies are flexing weak muscles while filling out paperwork, and everyone else is trying to read in between the lines.
    by Karen Warren 3/26/2011 4:14:58 AM

  • Govt to pay compensation for radiation damage. www.yomiuri.co.jp
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 4:15:36 AM

  • @Sinthia Domina That was strange. Little too light. Kinda hard to take seriously.
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 4:16:20 AM

  • Yeah, his commentary is irreverant and slighly humorous but when he is translating live press conferences its different. he just screwing around right now.
    by Sinthia Domina 3/26/2011 4:17:47 AM

  • Experts unsure on source of radiation leak www.yomiuri.co.jp
    by Ralph Unger 3/26/2011 4:18:25 AM

  • Y'all probably know this, but tepco's got updates for 26Mar now; second tepco link from top
    by marie rich 3/26/2011 4:19:35 AM

  • Plain speak here: If they can't get near it, how are they going to figure it out?
    by Karen Warren 3/26/2011 4:19:40 AM

  • hi george, been monitoring since reuters... have yet to comment, but set me to auto just in case i have something useful to add. thanks for setting this up btw.
    by tippytoe 3/26/2011 4:20:04 AM

  • @tippytoe yw - auto set
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 4:20:29 AM

  • Freshwater injection being used. e.nikkei.com
    by Jim Carver 3/26/2011 4:24:36 AM

  • Bingo Ralph. That article covers several of the possibilities. I appreciate that more in-depth coverage there rather than just a simplistic one-liner that is as deep as many of the MSM go.
    by Sky 3/26/2011 4:25:37 AM

  • @Karen Exactly! And another point from the white papers on BWR reactors, once fuel damage has occurred, cladding slumps to the floor first, followed by the stainless steel structures used to hold the fuel cells. (Which is a lot of debris) Followed by the fuel pellets themselves. While the surface can be cooled by water, the interior of the debris pile continues to heat.
    by Bev 3/26/2011 4:25:43 AM

  • Can you set me to auto, too? Thanks!
    by PeterC 3/26/2011 4:25:54 AM

  • @petec - done
    by George Gibb 3/26/2011 4:26:31 AM

  • I cannot find the article I read last night but I'd like to reference it again. It mentioned a failure mode observed at the Peach Bottom plant (?) and specifically the 258+ fittings at the bottom of the RPV for the control rod drivers and for instrumentation that penetrates the stainless steel wall of the containment structure. Those are the likely places for the heated melted core material to leak out first.
    by Sky 3/26/2011 4:27:47 AM

  • TOKYO, Japan - Photo from a Kyodo News helicopter shows a Maritime Self-Defense Force vessel (front) towing a U.S. barge (back) carrying freshwater in Tokyo Bay on March 25, 2011. The freshwater will be used to cool crippled reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima Prefecture. (Kyodo) Kyodo

    by Karen Warren via A7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net 3/26/2011 4:28:18 AM

Japan Earthquake | Page 6

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