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  • QuakeAlert v1.4 bases on USGS data. www.file-upload.net
    Reactor Plots from TEPCO data from 3/11 until today: www.houseoffoust.com . Updates daily around 9:00 and 15:00 JST.

    "Estimated amount of radioactive material released ..." www.meti.go.jp page 13 / in English: www.kantei.go.jp page 7

    Fuel Rod Specifications and loading schemes::
    www.oecd-nea.org ( Daini-2 ) www.oecd-nea.org ( Daiichi-3 )
    Good news sources: www.nukene.ws & www.scoop.it

    China Syndrome Theorie: www.economic-undertow.com

    Very detailed Mark1 meltdown analysis: www.osti.gov

    Animated Mark1 cooling facilities diagram: motherjones.com

    IEEE report: 24 Hours at Fukushima thrilling with new details.

    Special Report on the Nuclear Accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station A detailed timeline of events was delivered on Nov. 11, 2011, to U.S. industry executives, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and members of Congress. www.nei.org
    here is the complete report (pdf, 2.2 MB, 98 pages): www.nei.org

    EURDEP (European Radiological Data Exchange Platform) eurdep.jrc.ec.europa.eu Map: eurdepweb.jrc.ec.europa.eu
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  • Fukushima reactors schematics: www.nei.org
    BWR systems (GE) www.nrc.gov
    WHOI - Expedition to Measure Ocean Radiation Around Fukushima: www.whoi.edu
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  • Radiation Research Data Page. If you have a study or an article to add in the comments or log into the group page to add to the page wp.me
    The group website is at: www.simplyinfo.org
    More information can be found here fukushimafaq.wikispaces.com
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  • Email gibbgeor@hotmail.com with any issues.
    Email dean4fukushimahelp@gmail.com with questions about nuclear energy (Please search previous comments before asking)
    Static Record: www.poudreinternetservice.com
    Think you can help visit www.scribblelive.com
    Please respect the moderator on duty and email George with complaints.
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  • Angie- www.scribblelive.com Organize board....OT board!
    tbs webcam www.youtube.com
    Link for new live feed from Tepco - it is up now: www.tepco.co.jp
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  • If you posted links in the pinned posts and it is missing, that resource has been moved to the group library at: houseoffoust.com
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  • Unit 5 - concerns ongoing - details of what we know here wp.me
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  • Link to conversation notes on leakers and cladding failures wp.me
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  • IAEA report showing irradiated and unirradiated fuel in spent fuel pools at Fukushima www.iaea.org
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  • METI Long Term 40 year roadmap document - NEW
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  • Financial Times (ft.com) login: info@simplyinfo.org pwd: simplyinfo
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  • www.cbs8.com
    SAN ONOFRE (CNS) - A nuclear reactor at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station remained off-line Wednesday due to an equipment problem that sent a small, non-hazardous amount of radioactive gas into an auxiliary building and possibly into the atmosphere, authorities said.

    The leak in a steam-generator tube in Unit 3 at the power plant just north of Camp Pendleton was detected about 6 p.m. Tuesday, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
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  • We have the unique opportunity to present the findings from our group at the Atomic Age Symposium in Chicago this May.

    Dean was asked to speak on reactor issues from his industry experience. In discussions with the organizers they thought alloting part of
    that time to share what simplyinfo has learned or accomplished would be a good addition to the symposium.

    We need everyone's input to put this together. There are some questions below to give a starting point for discussion but don't restrict yourself to them in responding. I am sending this via email to some of the heavy contributors of the group but will be posting this for everyone's input via the group live blog. Feel free to either respond by email or post directly to the scribble page.

    What do you think are some of the group's accomplishments? (big, small etc)

    What are some of the major things we have learned about the humanitarian aspect of the disaster?

    What are some of the significant technical things we have learned?

    Are there some individual incidents or moments that stick out in your head?

    What else?
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  • @lillymunster looks good :)
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  • @elainekirk much thanks!
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  • published article on NRC & AP1000 www.simplyinfo.org
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  • Taiwan dismisses nuclear waste storage concerns

    ..Taiwan's nuclear safety regulator dismissed Thursday a French newspaper's report that raised doubts about the security of facilities storing spent reactor fuel in Taiwan..

    ..Le Monde reported Tuesday that spent fuel pools at the first and second nuclear power plants in northern Taiwan have become saturated and could therefore be severely hazardous in the event of an accident..

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  • - At 6:00 pm on October 28, 2011, a full-scale operation of the PCV gas
    control system started. From 10:21 am to 12:35 pm on February 9, for
    the reliability improvement of nitrogen injection, we are working for
    installing additional flow meter to the nitrogen injection line of the
    Primary Containment Vessel (PCV) of Unit 2. Although we suspended the
    injection temporarily, there is no significant change of the parameter.
    - At 10:46 am on December 1, 2011, we started the nitrogen injection to
    the Reactor Pressure Vessel.
    - At 11:50 am on January 19, 2012, we started the operation of the spent
    fuel pool desalting facility.

    * In the Chapter 12 of Nuclear Reactor Facilities Security Regulation
    "The Way of Ensuring Mid-term Security", as the treatments like
    "Operational limitation" or "Measures required in case of not
    satisfying the operational limitation" are determined, it is supposed
    the operator act per the required measures if it fails to satisfy the
    operational limitation. This time, to implement maintenance works, we
    suspended the nitrogen injection into the PCV of Unit 2 (from 10:21 am
    on February 9 to 12:35 pm on February 9) by conducting a planned shift
    beyond the range of operational limitation. www.tepco.co.jp
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Japan Earthquake | Page 2970

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