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Fuku Haiku

For a while now, the non-tech board has been given to bouts of humor, disbelief, dark humor, and sometimes sequential facepalms as the FukuNuku idiocy has continued. ┬áMs in La has been gathering some of the day’s more notable phrases (on an infrequent and informal basis) and making these FukuHiakus from them. FUKU HAIKU 6/28/2011 I feel like I am in the tropics tonight! Are we getting visited by the gardeners? AHHHHHH!!!!! NOOOO!!!!! Not to worry. They have a tent over them a 2,000-foot-long rubber berm That’s the Onion right? Veenie Facebook NOW! Not a chance in hell I will wear that Ohhh ..and…..BITE ME the country’s nuclear watchdog said He always says”bite me” You never really hear “OMG, here comes a forest fire! Quick! In the tent!” He always cleans his plate Ok kids now ask your parents to support nuclear power Spent fuel is … Read entire article »

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