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Ft. Calhoun Flood Level Data

This seems to be the question of the week. How high are the waters at Ft. Calhoun supposed to go? Ft. Calhoun’s documented flood protection goes up to 1014 above sea level. No idea what this translates into actual height above flood level on the river, can’t find that piece of data. The Corps estimated crest (this may be old data now) 1004 above sea level at Ft. Calhoun Omaha Power claims this means a 3 to 6 foot river rise. Govt. records match that estimate. KCAU is reporting flood waters of 2 feet higher than expected but doesn’t quantify this statement with existing reports or levels. Gauges at Blair, NE (closest station to Ft. Calhoun) shows 31.5 current level. NOAA flood data at Blair, NE No details of height difference between Blair station and Ft Calhoun … Read entire article »

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Historical News Stories and Links

There are several sources that have kept track of the deluge/trickle (depending on the prevailing climate of obfuscation) of news stories about the Fukushima crisis, each in its own way.  Here are links to some that have been associated with this group. The original Reuters LIVE blog of the disaster, archived now and filled with links and photos that chronicled the crisis in real-time The ScribbleLIVE News blog that picked up when the Reuters blog was shut down on March 25th, and continues to be a reliable sifter of information The FukushimaFAQ News Archive links to the major news stories since March 28th.  Daily updates are posted on the daily News page, which also tracks Fukushima tweets. There are many others, but we have a history with these.  If you have others that you use all the … Read entire article »

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