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Reactor Decommissioning

TEPCO is in the initial stages of planning the decommissioning of the reactors at Fukushima. Many challenges exist and the plans will need to be modified for each reactor due to unique damage.
Some documents outlining the road map for dismantling the plants can be found here:
TEPCO in Japanese (more diagrams than the English version)
TEPCO in English
IAEA comments on the road map.

TEPCO intends to block up leaks to make the reactors water tight.

Points that containment may leak when filled with water.

Debris removal plan for unit 3:

TEPCO’s plan for removing spent fuel requires an overhead crane. Since the top of all buildings except unit 2 have had the top levels damaged the overhead crane would need to be installed in the tent frame structure. It also depends on the fuel handling machine and unit 3 no longer has one. It may have been what fell through the unit 3 turbine building.

Steps to remove fuel from reactors. Click on each image for a larger version.

TEPCO’s plan to dismantle buildings:

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