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Radiation Measuring And Conversions

This is an ongoing collection of conversion factors used to change a radiation reading into another type of measurement.

Picocuries per liter (pCi/L) multiply the amount by 0.037 to get becquerels per liter (Bq/L)

What is a Sievert?
What is a Gray?
What is a Rad?
What is a Curie?
What is a Becquerel?
What is a Roentgen? 

microsieverts to millirems

millisieverts to millirem and rems

Gray to gray, rad, joule converter
This one works to convert properly a type of gray absorbed dose into another expression of gray. Good for checking your work or understanding the conversion of things like cGy, mGy. 
It will also convert grey measurements into rads.

Becquerel and curie converter–activity/c/
This allows conversion of different units of becquerel to becquerel, curie to curie or becquerel to curie (and the other way).

Grey, Rad, Rem, Sievert converter:
Converts between these units

Gray unit converter with rad
Another that converts units of gray or gray to rad

Absorbed dose converter (in German):—absorbed-dose.html
Converts units of gray, also rotogen and jules to grey 

Wolfram Alpha
Put in the number and unit and what you want it converted to, hit enter. IE: 100 cGy to sievert would be an example of an input. It gives both your answer and that answer converted into some other common units. 

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