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Animal Rescue Volunteers Arrested By Fukushima Govt In Evac Zone

Hachiko Coalition is reporting that Leo and Hiroshi Hoshi, both animal rescue volunteers who have been feeding and rescuing the pets left behind in the Fukushima evacuation zone have been arrested by Futaba police. The report from Hachiko Coalition: “BREAKING NEWS: Two of the Hoshi Family Have Been Arrested as of Yesterday and detained by the Futaba Fukushima Police. Of course it is none other than animal activists Hoshi Hiroshi and Leo Hoshi. They cannot be contacted and are being charged with crimes. The Hoshi Hiroshi Family has been rescuing animals each weekend inside the zone and surroundings for almost 2 years as a private volunteer rescue group. This is atrocious and we will be showing our support. Stay tuned as we learn more.” No information or recent posts were on the group’s … Read entire article »

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